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When we create the conditions to free ourselves from the turbulence of the mind, we naturally experience tranquility...


Meet Trish

Scientific studies have found that meditation produces changes in brain circuits involved in regulating emotion and may reduce markers of inflammation and stress hormones like cortisol.




My mission is to help people gain access to their own inner resources to find restfulness, develop self-kindness and flourish in life.


To this I offer therapy sessions and present workshops in which we co-operate to bring about these transformative ways of being. I have a great belief that at the core of all dis-ease is a restless mind.


By promoting the relaxation process whether by gentle hands-on bodywork or by guidance in mindfulness methods we can return to stillness and our compassionate nature. By these means we have the chance to live a healthy, fullfilled and happy life.


" The most fundamental harm we can do to ourselves, is to remain ignorant by not having the courage and the respect to look at ourselves honestly and gently.” – Pema Chodran







At the Qui clinic in Sicklinghall, at the Acorn Wellness Retreat Centre and Online,  I offer one-to-one therapy sessions which may take the form of a consultation or a healing treatment. All of  the therapies are mindfulness and compassion based and there is always a short meditation element to each session, either on the couch or whilst sitting.  I value listening to and evaluating a clients authentic needs to provide a feeling of being truly understood and nurtured.    


I also create and present Mindfulness and Wellness workshops, classes, courses and consultations to bring my knowledge and teaching to a wider audience. It is my passion to create tranquil spaces to unwind, settle and discover new flourishing ways of being.