Mindfulness Training in the Workplace 

 Mindfulness Skills help to de-stress, declutter the mind and increase feelings of wellbeing. Research has proved that this leads to a more effective workforce and a happier environment in which to work. Resulting in less burnout, fewer sick days, better communication and a rise in productivity. 

Why Learn Mindfulness?

People who have learnt these simple and easy-to-follow methods describe how it gives them a new zest for life and increased resilience.   

  • Recognize automatic ways of thinking 

  • Learn to stay present

  • Discover tools to help anxious feelings

  • Deepen concentration

  • Respond skillfully to difficult situations

  • Adopt a healthier and happier life 

Mindfulness training can change your life; recommended by the UK's National Institute for Health and Excellence and prescribed by the NHS.

Tailored Training for Companies and Groups

  • Two Hour Free Taster Session  

  • Full Day Introduction to Mindfulness

  • In groups of up to 20 people meeting at regular intervals each session lasting between one hour/thirty to two/three hours.  

  • Mindful Leadership one-one sessions.