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Trish is a truly amazing person, I don't have the words to describe the difference that working with her has made to my life.  I think her wealth of experience and the fact that she draws on so many different methods means that you get a truly individual experience that is unique to you and exactly what is needed.  I was immediately taken with the way that Trish seemed to instinctively know what I needed and what to work on and she has never got it wrong.  I have been lucky enough to have had several different courses with Trish which I feel has enabled me discover and acknowledge things about myself that I was not aware of before.  When I first started working with Trish I was at a very low point in my life, I feel much stronger now and I am able to treat myself and others with kindness and compassion more than I ever have in the past.  


I am very fortunate to have experienced a range of different sessions with Trish, I have loved it all, the things that have really stood out for me are:

- the mindful meditations, Trish has introduced me to so many different meditations and will always follow up with links, recordings and resources to explore further in my own time. 

- the talking sessions, where I have always felt listened to, validated and guided.

- the massages!! I think I floated out of the treatment room after my first massage! It was so incredibly relaxing but revitalising at the same time the the treatment room is such a lovely setting.

Julie Harrogate 

Course Coordinator

Harrogate Homeless Project  

2018 - 2021 

Thank you Trish, for introducing me to mindfulness. For eight weeks it was my moment of relaxing. And a reminder (during the weeks) that I need to take time for myself. Step out of the daily routine. I feel like I have learned that I can rely a bit more on my inner self. Instead of being dominated by work, clients, my insecurities, inner self critic, demons from the past.

Carolien Amsterdam

Online Mindfulness 2020

I can't put into words just how much the chakra healing course has helped me and the positive impact it has had on my life. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity.


Chakra Journey

Thank you Trish for sharing your knowledge, your wisdom and your heart. Namaskara 


Chakra Journey

I really felt the difference. Not only was it relaxing but it gave me insights into the benefits of being 'in the moment' whilst calmness washed over me. Trish's soft soothing words was a verbal massage in itself! Can't wait for my next session.   


Mindful Massage

I have to say that after only the first session I have not felt more enlightened or positive in the past 10 years. A great reality check!


General Manager

Well, where do I begin?  I have been going to Trish for many years now for Reiki and Aromatherapy massages.  Trish takes her time to analyse your mind and body each session before she begins.  Her massages are the best I have had and her Reiki sessions are so tranquil and spiritual that I always leave feeling healed, refreshed and rebalanced. Ready to face the world! Indeed the world has thrown a lot as me health wise and Trish is one of the main reasons I have been able to cope both mentally and physically.  She has great healing energy which she has used on me using Reiki over this period.  Our lengthy chats have also helped me.  The doctors were amazed at how well I coped with the whole situation and how the 8" scar healed within 2 weeks. I would highly recommend Trish as a therapist to anyone who needs re-energised, reinvigorated and healed.


Creative Artist

Following a number of years of mental stress and two years of related ill-health I turned to Trish. I wish I had done so much sooner! Trish has provided me with great advice on nutrition, relaxation and well-being. Trish's attitude and approach is both caring and understanding. She has explained complex physiological issues in simple terms that has helped me tremendously and I truly believe that with her help I will now overcome my challenges and return to good health - I cannot recommend her highly enough! 


University Director

Trish has been looking after my physical and emotional wellbeing for many years. She was recommended originally for bereavement counselling but she makes me feel so much better about so many things, I always leave her little sanctuary feeling peaceful, optimistic and energized. I highly recommend her in so many ways.


Graphic Artist

I want to thank you for a most amazing morning. My birthday treat was simply Heavenly! Gosh, I wish i could bottle this feeling of relaxation and bliss.


Birthday Girl

I came expecting a bit of a pampering session but left feeling like I had had a good dose of appreciated counselling as well. I took your advice about trying Udo's oil and passiflora which has resulted in my skin and nails looking much better, and my mind is calmer. I also bought the books you recommended. I think you are very astute and also very gifted.



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The course came at a very difficult time for me, shortly after loosing my mother. It helped me to focus on the present moment and not be pulled down into a place of darkness by practising loving kindness towards myself and accepting my own grief.  It has helped my stress levels tremendously and since completing the course I continue to take time out for myself each day to continue with my meditation practices. This helps me tremendously to step back into my day with a clearer head and calmer body.  I found all the reading material to be very engaging and useful. Trish was extremely kind to me and I love her calm mindful vibes!

Dawn MBLC student 2020

This 8-session course certainly went above and beyond my expectations. It worked very well over Zoom and doing it as a group training has been a great experience for the general staff morale and relationships during this unprecedented time. 


I found it more helpful than I could have imagined and (not to exaggerate) life changing. For such a small amount of time, there are so many little things I’ve learnt and realised that changed my perspective on myself, other people, difficult situations and general life.


Even if I wasn’t practicing mindfulness, it was in the back of mind when making decisions or being critical of myself/something. It expanded my knowledge and is very useful to have the recorded practices to go back to when needed. 

My overall impression of the course was that it was fantastic. For me I learnt a lot of new practices as the content was broad and touched on many areas. 

I found it really gave me permission to stop moving and thinking in the middle of a busy work day, which was a huge benefit. Having the weekly space to stop and calm my body and mind down was really useful. I also enjoyed Trish’s perspectives on various things relating to mindfulness, and also to societal pressure, guilt, shame and stress.


Key Workers - Harrogate Homeless Project

Staying Well Online Course

The general consensus from the NHS digital staff who have attended Trish's one day session on Mindfulness is that it is a fascinating insight into how important mental wellbeing is and the powerful impact Mindfulness training can make; especially against the challenges of technology and the stressors of everyday living today. They have found Trish's blend of explanation and practical applications particularly interesting and are encouraged to apply the methods in the workplace. Every attendee has given the day 10/10!

Gail Cammish

NHS Digital

The feedback I have been getting from the team is that you were friendly, approachable and very knowledgeable. Not only providing an overall picture but taking time to discuss individual health requirements, relaxation and the ideas of mindfulness on a one to one basis. My colleagues have all been asking when we can arrange for you to come back! I will definitely be trying your suggestions for more natural ways to prevent or manage my migraines and stress.

Iain MEng

Amey York

Our employees really value our well being sessions. Many book their sessions in advance to avoid disappointment, realising what benefit they hold to them both personally and professionally. The benefit of having a regular wellness expert coming into the building is that employees instantly feel relaxed in her presence, the getting to know their practitioner is eliminated. However, those who visit for the first time find Trish very approachable, caring and professional. Many tell us that she is able to offer additional advice and support during the session which makes our employees feel happier and more content. As a company, a well- being programme is very beneficial as it keeps our absenteeism and sickness rates low and contributes towards a highly engaged workforce. Keep up the good work!.



It was exactly what I needed..What an awesomely beautiful sanctuary. I left feeling so rejuvenated, with self-belief, happy to be 'me' and more relaxed than ever. The wonderful sessions were so inspiring and heartful. Trish, you are so knowledgeable, kind and provide such a nurturing space to 'just be'. Thank you.    


'Say Hello To Me' 24 hour Retreat

It was great to understand why diets don't work and about the value of the pause..when eating/deciding what to eat and realising that it can give you more choices. I also loved the tasting and thinking about health benefits of super nutritional foods.


Nutritional Insights Workshop

I absolutely LOVE coming to your classes. I don't know how I would have managed without them this past year! Life has been so busy at home and work - but I just seem to sail through...... and that's down to your gentle guidance in Mindfulness!


Head Teacher

This mindfulness is mind blowing stuff. I continue to be amazed by it all and am so grateful to you.  I'm better at relaxing and taking in the moments than I have ever been. And I'm sure I'm a better parent for it!   


Busy Mum

I really enjoyed the workshop on Saturday and was able to bring away a lot of good ideas for my own wellbeing as well as for clients I work with who are struggling to balance their own needs and self care with the demands of everyday life.


Nurse Practitioner

Thank you so much for another very enjoyable and enlightening workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed and felt very inspired, motivated and empowered afterwards. I can't wait for the next one!


Challenged Worker

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What a blessing it is having Trish on my doorstep. I feel balanced, calm, centred and grounded after my sessions, which fully support my EFT & NSA sessions. Always good advice on hand to promote wellbeing, peace and harmony.

Paul - Balancing and Mindfulness 

Property Business Director 2021

Acorn Chakra Course.jpg

Here at the Acorn Retreat we are so fortunate to have the guidance and support of Trish - she is a beautiful inspiration of living and breathing consciously and mindfully whilst remaining wholly human and accessible to the learners mind. Katie K - 2021