Chakras & Rainbows

Some things happen by a chance encounter. You know that moment on which you reflect and realise that nothing has been the same since. My mind often takes me to the time I spent in India in my twenties. One day, not knowing where I was heading, a little lost on route, I stopped at a cafe in Rishikesh (I think it had 'moon' in the name) and met a very friendly German girl (I think her name was Gita) who said she was on her way to a Chakra Academy to attend a course. The more she spoke to me about the topic over a cup of the best chai in town, the more I felt magnetised to her way of thinking and I saw what I can only describe as dozens of rainbows surrounding us. I was sure it wasn't something in the drink. I knew then that I had to discover more, if only to understand what I had felt and seen. I happily followed her....

So, fast forward (or as my daughter says 'rewind forward'), I went on to not only take the course myself but I discovered a path to teaching and healing which has led me to a life I never imagined. One in which the energy systems play a major part. Let me explain a little...

Most of us consider the material world, the physical body and the rational mind to be our only reality. However the true power at work consists of a complex energy system consisting of our subtle energy bodies, our energy centres (chakras) and our energy channels (nadis).

When we key into our energy systems we open up to transformational ways in which to heal and discover our truly authentic self without fear, self-criticism or resistance. More than this, we discover the flow of energies which bring us to a higher state of consciousness and a deeper relationship with our spiritual connections. This in turn, brings the potential to be happy, balanced, liberated and understand the true meanings of life!

I can not begin to relate how being aware in this way has helped me through many difficult life challenges. It's as if the 'chance encounter' with Gita Moon (as I've now decided to call her) was a meant to be. I'm not sure if I would have survived otherwise.

Now, as a Chakra teacher I feel deeply privileged to witness this transformation time and again with my students and clients. It is an awesomely heartening and humbling experience to receive very personal and life affirming

feedback from these beautiful souls and to pass on the essence of the rainbow colours that I first encountered in beautiful Rishikesh.

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