Power of Intentions

At the dawning of a new calendar year, we tend to think about how we would like to be in the coming months; the things we would maybe like to change about ourselves, lifestyle adjustments we'd like to make, and new pursuits we would like to engage in.

All in all, it isn't a bad thing to reflect on and recalibrate the way we are living our life. However when it involves the idea that something isn't good enough or we haven't enough of something, then distant alarm bells may ring. Well, certainly in the ears of those of us who have tried new year's resolutions in the past and failed, especially when they are on the subject of body transformation, eating better, increasing income etc. You know the score. Anything to do with approval, acquisitions, achievements unfortunately has the potential for failure.

Of course, it is mostly beneficial to work towards something good and this is completely normal. There is however another way to approach this other than by setting 'goals' which is less about 'something is missing'. In fact is much more to do with already being 'good enough'! Our ability to see and accept this can often be hijacked by our fixations on substitutes for what we really aspire to in our heart of hearts.

We are already 'good enough' because we have the potential to reach our highest ideals (which for every single one of us is to be happy and free from suffering) through awakening to our hearts intentions.

In the way of mindfulness; we can imagine our life as riding on the surface of an ocean of constantly breaking waves. We never know what is coming with the next wave of happenings and what may get in the way of our goals, desires and preferred outcomes. Most of us have become acutely aware of this over the last twenty months or so. A time in which we have been shown the bitter truths of 'things not going to plan'.

So, we have a choice here; to be swept along on the surface in a kind of out of control kind of way, hoping that each stroke we make will save us and deliver onto the shoreline of what we crave, desire, long for OR we develop a means to remember to turn our distracted attention towards our deeper aspirations which lie beneath (or beyond) the surface of the busy mind.

Learning to be awake to what your heart yearns for takes commitment and practice. It requires intention setting which is different from goal setting. The latter are external achievements whereas intentions are about our relationship with self and others. We start by deeply contemplating our values and beliefs. What is it that I wish to embrace and show in this life? How would I like to turn up for others? it also requires slowing down, witnessing the whole self through meditative methods.

The magic of this approach is that from this we can as much as possible orientate the compass of our hearts towards the thoughts, responses and actions that are aligned with these aspirations. For example, say one of your important values is kindness, then being aware of this as you move through the day will direct you to be more kind to self and others. This in turn will help you to make the right choices for self and others; such as being aware of the environment and say, eating well.

This in turn leads towards outcomes based on our true nature; our potential to be a compassionate and loving being for ourselves and for other sentient beings and our planet.

Wishing you a good 2022 full of joy and well being .

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Trish @ Qui Wellbeing

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